Ducati Corse Logo fabric jacket


Blend of sportiness and passion, the Ducati Corse fabric jacket features an innovation in the use of color. The white curve on the chest, between the red and black part, repeats the graphic theme of the Ducati Corse shield, visible on the heart. The embroidered carbon patch is a source of inspiration for the designers of this splendid item from the new collection. The back is stamped with the Ducati Corse logo above the Italian flag to emphasize the Italian identity of the Bologna manufacturer, whose name also appears on the right sleeve. Fitted with composite protectors on shoulders and elbows, it contains inserts in a reflective material. On the inside, a fixed lining and a totally waterproof and breathable D-DRY lining, a removable thermal lining and a treated sanitized fixed lining to ensure hygiene and durability.

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